Monday, February 2, 2015

RGM-79Q GM Quell

One of MS that would form the initial backbone of the Titans' MS corps, also used for extensive testing with the Titans Test Team.

This unit was developed to suppress armed uprisings inside Space Colonies, and shortly after prototype testing completed, it was used to form the Titans special forces unit, which was the only operator of this type.    As this group was revealed with the primary mission of countering armed insurgent groups and remnants of the former Principality of Zeon, detailed data of this Mobile Suit were not publicly released.    As very few images of this type in operation exist, deployment and pilot information is nearly impossible to collect.  However, from the few photos that do exist, it can be discerned that it was based on the -N and -C types, and is also a descendant of the NT-1.   During the chaos of the Grypps conflict, all remaining examples of this type were lost, and no known examples remain in existence.

First Appearance: Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Source: MSV Collection File Vol 1: Space Edition.  Kodansha, 1999.