Monday, February 2, 2015

AMS-129M Zee Zulu

Sharing the same basic frame as the Geara Zulu to place it firmly in the era of Gundam UC, it is also drawn with the traditional Zeon Aquatic MS-like silhouette, creating an excellent design that visually fits the setting and meets the demands of the story.

Model Number: AMS-129M
Height: 20.3m
Weight: 28.9t
Material: Titanium Alloy and Ceramics Composite
Sensor Range: 18,200m
Generator Output: 2,470kw
Armaments: Beam Rifle (details unknown)
Heat Knife
Iron Nail

This Mobile Suit is is an Amphibious Mobile Suit developed by Neo Zeon remnant forces, with primary development undertaken in space, and then given to the Zeon Sympathizer Forces on Earth.

Utilizing the same basic common frame with the AMS-129 'Geara Zulu', the model is modified by adding a number of external submersible-use equipment to the outer shell such as vest-type submersible equipment, ballast tanks around the neck, hydrojet propulsion units, and underwater fins.   

The ceramic-polymer heat knife held in each hand along with the melee claws mounted on the forearm complete the image of an amphibious MS resembling an 'iron crustacean'.

These MS were first seen supporting the AMA-X7 'Shamblo' during the attack on Dakar, and would later participate in the assault on Torrington Base.

Amphibious MS tend to fall into two categories: Those built on a purpose-built frame (Like the Capule), and those modified from general-purpose frames (Like the Zaku Mariner), and the Zee Zulu falls into the latter category.

The additional equipment added onto the frame gives the MS silhouette a very similar feel to the Z'Gok series of MS.  The back container is a watertight weapons container.

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: Katoki Hajime Mechanical Archives  Kadokawa Comics Ace 2010

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