Saturday, February 7, 2015

ACL-98 Larder

A new Military Labor concept which serves as a battlefield command post.

As seen in examples with the Hannibal and Brocken, some of a military labor's most effective roles are riot control in conflict areas.   Conversely, while this is not the only role that other existing weapons systems are used in, there has been an trend in recent years to more clearly define labor 'roles'.

The Multi-Leg Combat Command labor deployed with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force, the ACL-98 'Larder' is the pioneer of a new generation of Labors designed with this concept in mind.

As the name suggests, this labor's primary role is to provide command and control functions just behind the front lines.    The merits of this labor possesses over previously deployed weapons systems are the greatly increased freedom of movement this unit enjoys within an operational area.   This mobility allows it to place itself in the best position to fully comprehend a given combat situation, which allows an extremely high degree of command precision, making it a superb combat command vehicle.   It is especially well suited for commanding short operations with different types of units where its operational time and fuel compatibility issues are not typically seen as a problem.

However, though this unit is equipped with a bare minimum of defensive equipment, in accordance with its predicted deployment in the above situations, mobility is heavily emphasized on this labor, with six legs allowing it to cross uneven terrain and also being able to move using the wheels mounted on each leg unit.   The cockpit contains the pilot and the commander/gunner in double seats, and is equipped with extensive information processing equipment for the commander .

Though thus far it has only seen combat once in the PKO (Peacekeeping Operation) detachment deployed to Southeast Asia, a unit of this type was heavily damaged during this deplyoment, leading to a poor reputation that persists even now.  However, the foresight present in the design of this unit will undoubtedly lead to a recognition of its true value in the future.

 Source: Another Century's Chronicle Vol. 3: The Labor Industry Development Complete History.  Gakken Mook 2009

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