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Ramba Ral

A man who belonged to the battlefield, one of Zeon’s leading warriors.

Rank at the end of the One Year War: Captain (O-3)
One Year War Duty Assignment: Zeon Military, Space Attack Corps
Birth Year, Place: Unknown, Side 3
Career accomplishments: Participated in the Battle of Loum in January 0079, where he was credited with sinking six ships, making him one of Zeon’s top ‘Ship Aces’ at the time.   On October 6th, 0079, he assembled a special strike force to suppress the White Base, and dropped to Earth.   This force engaged the White Base several times, and after forming a guerilla force under his ‘M3 operation’, was able to get close to the White Base, but after sustaining wounds inside the enemy ship, determined his own fate.

‘The Blue Giant’ was this Zeon Soldier’s alternate name, highly skilled in commanding Guerilla operations, and Mobile Suit Piloting, where he piloted his MS-07B Gouf against the White Base’s Ace, Amuro Ray in his RX-78-2 Gundam, ultimately fighting the Gundam to an even match in combat.

As his father was one of Zeon Deikun’s close supporters, Jinba Ral, he was initially given the cold shoulder by the dictatorial Zabi family, but he was deeply trusted by Dozle Zabi, and was dispatched to Earth in a special operation to exact revenge for Garma Zabi’s death upon the White Base.   

It has been said that one reason that he accepted this trying mission was to secure the stability and safety of his subordinates.   Additionally, upon a chance encounter with Amuro Ray, who had run away from the White Base, the sheer level of Ranba Ral’s magnanimous behavior had a considerable effect on Amuro’s personality.  Such was the deep love for his fellow man, that he could even gain the affection of enemy pilots.

Though some would suggest that he should be replaced, from another point of view a slightly clumsy side could also be seen on multiple occasions when he should have had the White Base cornered, he missed the opportunity to seize his prey.   If he had mercilessly attacked on these occasions, he should have easily been able to realize his objective of revenge.

His ultimate death would also be caused by the betrayal of his emotions.  Engaging in a close-range battle inside the White Base itself, upon spotting Sayla Mass, he would immediately forget about the battle, unable to pull the trigger on one of the Ral family’s strongest supporters - the former Artesia, now known as Sayla.  In the next instant, he would be shot and severely wounded by Sergeant Ryu Jose.   However, using a hand grenade to decide his own fate, he would show the White Base crew the true fate of a soldier on the battlefield.   Even in his last moments, Ramba Ral would follow his own emotions.   Such was a man whose humanity appealed beyond reason.  

Source: Another Century's Episode Vol 1.: One Year War Complete History Part 1. Gakken Mook, 2007.

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