Tuesday, February 24, 2015

EFSF Weapons: RX-78-NT1 Gundam 'Alex'

Due to various problems at manufacturing sites, The RX-78NT-1 was planned to utilize new weapons exclusive to the NT-1.  Due to different beam focusing equipment and units, as well as other independently developed devices, the abilities and form of these weapons is particularly unique.

BAUVA (Bowa) - Norfolk XBR-l Type 3
Beam Rifle

Compared to the RX-78's beam rifle, this rifle has greater output and beam focus, resulting an a beam rifle with extremely high penetrative power.  Though the beam generation equipment is made by Bauva Corporation, Norfolk Manufacturing was responsible for the beam focusing equipment and housing.

Blash XB-B-09
Beam Saber

The Beam Saber is nearly identical in capabilities to those used by the Gundam and GM series, though the unit itself and backpack connectors are made by Blash Corporation, which accounts for the different placement and external appearance.

RX-C-Sh-05 UBC/S-0003

This shield, made in the Augusta facilities using materials diverted from the Chobham Armor project, uses an independently developed anti-beam coating composition, and this basic recipe would later be used on later Federation units including the GP series machines.

Source: Master Grade RX-78NT1 Gundam 'Alex' Instruction Manual, Bandai 1999