Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zeon Herzogtum Korps Wahrzeichen

Zeon Principality Corps Rank Insignia

(TL note: I have listed the equivalent Army and Navy ranks for each officer rank, as Bandai has chosen the Naval ranks to be officially localized to the English-language releases, but the enlisted ranks in Japanese are definitely Army ranks only, so I did not list Naval ranks there.   Because of this discrepancy, I will use Army ranks elsewhere on the site.)

Though many parts of the Zeon Military uniforms remain mysterious, the military ranks basically follow the chart below.  A detailed explanation of the different types of rank insignia are explained in detail below.

Mantle: Zeon Military Staff and Junior Officers using the "3rd Combat Dress" style uniform were able to attach a mantle which displays their rank on the chest.   The insignia was also used on the chest inner uniform of the 3rd Combat Dress, in addition to on the mantle.

Chest insignia: All personnel using the "2nd Combat Dress" used this rank insignia on the chest area.  In addition, this insignia was also seen on unique uniforms possessed by certain members of the Zeon Military, and also on maintenance personnel uniforms, so this system is the most widespread and standarized.

Collar insignia 2: This rank insignia was used on the collars of Normal Suits.

Collar insignia 1: This rank insignia was seen on the collars of 2nd and 3rd Combat Dress uniforms, as well as on other officer uniforms.  A rare variation with a black background and yellow pattern also exists.

Sleeve insignia: Used on the 2nd Combat Dress and and other officer uniforms.

Flag Officer Ranks

Staff Officer Ranks
Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) and Enlisted Ranks

Source: Another Century's Episode Vol 1.: One Year War Complete History Part 1. Gakken Mook, 2007.


  1. I'm surprised by how accurate these are. I figured there would be a lot of contradictions seeing as it's a long running series, but after examining a few OYW characters outfits I've noticed that a lot of these match up with their ranks, with the exception of Ramba Ral.