Wednesday, January 14, 2015

VF-1 Valkyrie Cockpit Layout

The VF-1 series cockpit design is an excellent result of the merging of OTM and Human Technology to create a superior man-machine interface system.  Previous fighter cockpits were dogged with concepts such as ‘creating high degree of control’ and ‘reducing pilot workload’, while attempting to emphasize ‘minimizing human error’ over all other issues.

As a result, the VF-1 was designed with a visual indicator system as the central MMD/HUD, and grouped control panels and switches in an aim to thoroughly and drastically improve operability.

While this illustration shows the cockpit layout of the standard VF-1A-25 type, there are no particular changes to other models.   Additionally, while the controls are virtually unchanged when super packs are equipped, there may be some small differences in areas such as panel locations and small layout changes depending on the block number.

Text: Nagayama Ryuto (AVIPRESS)

(Editor notes - Tech Glossary:  

OTM : OverTechnology of Macross
MMD: Multiple Monitor Display
HUD: Heads Up Display
IFF: Identify Friend/Foe
SIF: Selective Identification Feature
Block: Blocks are used to differentiate minor equipment changes in the same model of aircraft)

Source: Macross Journal Extra: The Latest Version of Sky Angels VF-1 Valkyrie Special Edition.  Multi Configuration Analysis Team 1984


  1. the block 2 and Super upgrade used a side stick and did away with old style HUD for canopy projected HUD