Monday, December 8, 2014

Shin Matsunaga

Military ID Number: PM05576744-S
Affiliation: Space Attack Corps
Born in U.C. 0055 as the eldest son of the Side 3 Matsunaga family, a prominent family comparable to the Federation’s Yashima family.  As suggested by the name, the family was of mixed Eastern and Western blood, and Shin Matsunaga was the only member of this family to enter the military.

Enlisting just prior to the outbreak of the war, he was assigned to pilot a MS-06C Zaku II (in normal coloring) as a Private First Class.  Due to his achievements at the Battle of Loum, he was granted a personal emblem and a white-colored MS-06F Zaku II.  At the Battle of Loum, his commanding officer was killed, and he received a battlefield commission.  With the outbreak of the war, had sunk one battleship and five cruisers, an accomplishment which would see him granted a special promotion two ranks to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.   When Lt. General Dozle Zabi would personally observe the battlefield in his customized Zaku II, Lt. Matsunaga was tasked with escort, Dozle having taken notice of Lt. Matsunaga’s knack for piloting.

As the newly promoted Lieutenant was a provisional battlefield commission, it was necessary for him to attend officer training, which resulted in him attending the officer academy shortly after.  Following the formality of a post-graduation sortie, he was then promoted to the rank of Captain, and at this time, he received his famous MS-06R-1A Zaku II.

Obeying a summons to Side 3 ultimately led to Cpt. Matsunaga escaping death at the battle of Solomon, but his Zaku, which had been left behind, was destroyed.   He then remained at Side 3 for the remainder of the war.

Source: MSV Vol. 2 : Zeon MS/MA edition KC Deluxe, 2006(Reprint) 1984 (Original)

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