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Attack on Jaburo

U.C. 0079 November 30 - December 3  

EFSF Headquarters at Jaburo.  Zeon forces had tried and failed several times to assault this massive underground fortress.   This time, Colonel Char Aznable’s MS forces would undertake the challenge.


Jaburo.  Built underground inside a gigantic natural cavern in South America, it is the largest military facility on Earth.  Covering an area of 42 square kilometers and home to 450,000 people, (including military personnel), it can be compared to the size and form of a small city.  The Earth Federation’s Headquarters is located within this facility, in addition to military factories and space warship construction yards and dry docks, which make it a combination military base, factory, spaceport, and city.

Zeon Amphibious forces

Amphibious Mobile Suits has been in development since the outset of the war, but difficulties in development meant that at the time of the Earth Assault Operation, only the MS-06’s Underwater type (MS-06M) was able to be deployed.  Shortly after this, the first true amphibious MS, the MSM-03, was completed, with units being delivered to combat units in late July.  Using the MSM-03 a dedicated submarine force was created that the EFSF would not have an effective means to counter.  Additional amphibious MS types to be developed would also include the Special Operations -04, the melee type -07, and the heavy assault type -10.

Amphibious MS, MSM-03 Gogg

The most popular type of amphibious MS, this model emphasized underwater mobility and featured special anti-mine equipment known as the ‘Freezy Yard’.   

Amphibious Light MS, MSM-04 Acguy

A lighter MS designed for special operations, in addition to the pilot, one additional passenger could be carried, and was able to operate in amphibious landings more effectively.

Amphibious MS, MSM-07 Z’Gok

A superior machine in all aspects to the 03, particularly in mobility while on land, this was the premier unit of the MSM series, and particularly excelled in as a melee combat Mobile Suit.

Amphibious Heavy MS, MSM-10 Zock

Closer to a Mobile Armor than a Mobile Suit, the MSM-10 featured 9 mega particle cannons that were capable of being used even while submerged, though its poor mobility on land led to it mostly being used as a mobile gun platform.

A Reckless Gamble

The failure of Operation British at the beginning of the war was known to have dealt a serious blow to the Zeon forces, as the Federation was able to utilize their facilities at Jaburo to not only rebuild their space fleet, but also to field their own Mobile Suits into combat.

‘Whoever finds Jaburo will be made a Marshal.’ The ever cool-headed Gihren Zabi was also known to have said, and a soon a challenger would appear to test these words.   This person was no other than Char Aznable.   On November 27th, in his pursuit of the White Base, he had observed it entering a large gate designed to accommodate space warships.   “We will conduct a thorough investigation of where the Trojan Horse disappeared.  We may be able to crush the Horse along with Jaburo.”  

In actuality, the California base in North America had actually been preparing to conduct a second Jaburo capture operation very soon (the first had ended in failure in September), and upon receiving Char’s intelligence report, preparations were rapidly accelerated.

Assembling the forces

In a hidden area near the base, as many Mobile Suits as could be spared were rapidly assembled, which of course included the many of the secretive submarine and amphibious Mobile Suit forces.

In the early morning of the 30th, at around 0300 hours, a single MS platoon of three MS infiltrated upriver and discovered a camouflaged hatch.  At 0630 hours, the reinforcements previously assembled at California base had arrived, consisting of 54 Mobile Suits and 18 Gau Airborne Attack Carriers, this force amounted to two entire mobile battalions.

These reinforcements carefully retraced the path taken by the advance units only 30 minutes earlier, who had discovered their point of entry into Jaburo.

Operation commences

At 0720 hours, the Gau Airborne Attack Carriers had arrived in the airspace over Jaburo and began to attack targets with surface to air missiles that were designated by the earlier advance  units, and dropped the first attack forces consisting of MS-06, MS-07, and MS-09 which comprised the ground combat forces of the operation.   “First wave, Zaku, Gouf, Dom, commence assault!”  

However, the tight anti-air defense net of the Federation Headquarters would soon prove to be a strong obstacle.  “As expected of Jaburo, how many of our MS will even be able to make it to the ground?”  the Red Comet was reported as saying, a testament to the severity of the anti-air fire.

Ultimately, out of 46 MS dropped (8 were held in reserve), only 28 made it safely to the ground.    Observing the incoming forces, some high level Federation officers noted, “So the White Base was followed.”  “So it would seem.  They must be cursed with bad luck.”   In reality, the Zeon attack had been rushed as a result of their fear of the Newtype Unit stationed aboard the White Base.

Submarine forces

The forces that were able to successfully complete their drops would begin independent action, however the ground Mobile Suits could actually be said to be a mere distraction, since the vast majority of Jaburo was constructed underground, there would be virtually no meaning behind attacks above ground.

The forces that would actually conduct the attack on the Headquarters were actually the advance  units that had infiltrated earlier.   Char’s Forces successfully rendezvoused with these advance  forces and infiltrated the Mobile Suit factory to begin demolition operations.   However, even here the operation would fail, as the timed explosives set by Char’s forces would be found and disabled.     At 0755 hours, Char would engage his fated opponent, the RX-78, while the forces above ground commenced their assault, and were effectively able to destroy 20% of the anti-air installations there.

Battle Events
Nov 27

Nov 28

Nov 30

0320 Hours

0540 Hrs

0630 Hrs

0720 Hrs

0730 Hrs

0740 Hrs

0750 Hrs

0820 Hrs
0830 Hrs

0900 Hrs
Mad Angler discovers one of Jaburo’s Spaceship gates.

Mad Angler moves back down the Amazon river.

An advance force of 3 amphibious Mobile Suits move up the Amazon river.

The advance force locates Mobile Suit gates.
Jaburo detects the enemy advance force and sounds a general alarm.  Forces are ordered to defensive stations.

Zeon reinforcements from California base arrive.

A formation 18 Gau airborne attack carriers moves to attack Jaburo.

Mad Angler stands by in the rear.

Attack forces arrive in Jaburo airspace.

Mobile Suit drops begin.

Jaburo begins anti-air operations.  Interceptor craft are launched.

Mobile Suits are scattered after drop, break into teams of two or three units and begin searching for an entrance into Jaburo.

Colonel Char Aznable and the advance force of MSM-04 rendezvous to form a special operations unit.
Colonel Char engages the RX-78.

The demolition of the MS factory fails.

50% of Zeon MS on the surface (13 units) are destroyed by this point.

Zeon Forces begin withdrawing.

Assault forces complete their withdrawal, and are pursued by interceptors.

Concluding the Operation

The operation was aborted when over 50% of the MS forces committed to the operation were destroyed, as to continue the assault would put the MS forces at risk of complete annihilation.

“Who would have thought that the failure of Operation British 10 months ago would bring our forces to these kinds of difficulties.”  “Jaburo, Sir?”  “Yeah.  Now we will surely face even more difficulties in space.”   This conversation was recorded between Lt. Colonel Mannock and his subordinate as the remaining Mobile Suits were recovered, which marked the end of the second Jaburo assault operation.  

Additionally, the EFSF’s Mass Production Mobile Suit, the RGM-79 GM, was deployed in combat during the operation.  Though some some issues with the early mass production models had been encountered at Odessa, the improved units participating in the defense of Jaburo were also able to gain useful combat data.  Out of the 34 units deployed, 11 units would sustain light damage, with 12 being destroyed.   However, 8 of the 18 the Gau Airborne Attack Carriers that were so vital to the North American California base were lost, effectively preventing future offensive operations.

Finally, deep underground in the Jaburo base, over 70 Magellan and Salamis warships had been completed, and would soon appear in the space battles to follow.

MS Participating in the Jaburo operation

Federation Forces
RX-75 Guntank
One unit stationed aboard the White Base and one unit at Jaburo engaged. Total : 2
RX-77-1 Guncannon
One unit from White Base and three units that had just been constructed at Jaburo.  Total: 4
RX-78-2 Gundam
Only the unit from the White Base.  Engaged Colonel Char’s MSM-07 (S Type).
30 standard units, 3 light armor types, and one trainer type.  Total: 34
RX-77-4 Guncannon II
The prototype was deployed, but was withdrawn due to reactor output problems without having engaged the enemy.

Zeon Military
MS-06 Zaku II
14 F-type, 3 S-type, and 6 K-types deployed.
Among the 14 F-types were 4 improved F2 types.  Total: 22
MS-06K Zaku Cannon
The shoulder mounted medium range cannon 06 type gave a rare excellent performance.
MS-07B Gouf
A total of 13 were deployed, with two of these units said to be C-3 types in combat testing, but these reports are unconfirmed.
MS-09 Dom
A total of 7 units were deployed, with half of the Tropen (TROP) type, an improved ground combat model.
MSM-03 Gogg
Two deployed in the pathfinding unit.  Discovered the Mobile Suit Gate and participated in the attack as a single platoon.
MSM-04 Acguy
Deployed as a special operations unit, and infiltrated deep into Jaburo via tunnels.  Total: 6
MSM-07 Z’Gok
Colonel Char’s single S-type and two Normal types deployed.  the two standard types were destroyed during their drop.
MSM-10 Zock
One preproduction model deployed, accompanied by the two MSM-03 units.

Source: Entertainment Bible #39: Battle strategies digest and complete One Year War Chronicles.  Bandai, 1991

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