Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Desides/Pezun Rebellion

Table of Organization and Equipment of Earth Federation Forces and Rebel New Desides Forces during the Pezun/New Desides rebellion, U.C.0088

These charts illustrate the composition of both forces during the engagement in Luna airspace,  (Federation Forces and New Desides) and includes fleet organization and structure.

Inside each box, ship name and class are recorded, as well as their MS complement, and the number on the corner of the box indicates the ship’s MS Company number.  The four ships with diagonal lines drawn indicate ships that were missing during this battle.

Additionally, many ships in this battle are listed as having a complement far beyond their standard capacities (the standard planned complement of a Salamis-Kai is three Mobile Suits) as for operational means, these ships were loaded with as many mobile suits as possible, with MS that were unable to be housed inside the ship being secured to the outer hull plating.  

The Aeno Fleet was originally to be the main strike force against the New Desides rebels, with Task Force Alpha at the head, but after his defection, another, larger fleet was created around the Home Fleet Flagship Nagato to suppress the rebellion.

The Aeno’s Fleet’s  two ‘Dual Use ships’ (Repurposed Columbus-class ships used as assault landing ships) carried their MS complements to make a landing on Luna’s Ayers City, however these two ships did not have the ability to launch back into orbit after landing.  The Ayers City Militia are listed on a separate chart, however the four Salamis-Kai ships that formed the fleet (under the flagship ‘Revolution’) and their MS complement were heavily damaged in ‘Operation Malestrom’, (The battle over the colony laser on the dark side of the moon) so they are omitted here.
Source: Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel Model Graphix, 1989

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