Monday, December 8, 2014

MS-11 Action Zaku

A lesser known unit of the One Year War, originally appearing in MS-X, which were unused concepts for the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Unit Description:

This unit was developed as a special-purpose combat unit developed in strict secrecy by the weapons development division of the Zeon military. It was difficult to decipher the design details and objectives from contemporary documents, however, it is known that this machine was operated by the Federation Forces after the conclusion of the war.   The information from this deployment of the MS-11 revealed that the actuators appear to be wrapped with magnetic material to reduce friction, and that a light magnetic coating was used to reduce the load on these parts.   Additionally, like the MS-14, beam weapons could be employed by the MS-11, which can be seen postwar from the units stationed as security forces for the Newtype research facilities.

First Appearance:  Mobile Suit Gundam MS-X

Source: MSV Collection File Vol 1: Space Edition.  Kodansha, 1999.

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