Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pegasus Class Assault Carrier: Grey Phantom

Hull Number: LMSD-76
Gray Phantom

Main Armament:
1 x Twin main cannon
2 x Twin deflection-type mega particle cannon turrets

The Gray Phantom was commissioned as the 5th ship of the Pegasus class.   Though the plans of this class called for the 1st ship to be the Pegasus, and the second to be the White Base, and construction proceeded in this order, problems with the engine sections necessitated a change in the construction plans.  However, as the 1st ship had already been laid down, extensive work was needed to implement the changes, so the 2nd ship in the class ended up being commissioned ahead of the 1st.  In actuality, the White Base would continue to suffer engine problems during its deployment, and large drops in engine output would occur.  For this reason, the engine section was completely redesigned from the 4th ship in the class onwards, which would cause the external appearance of later ships to change considerably.   The Grey Phantom would survive the war and be deployed in subsequent conflicts.

Source: MSV Collection File Vol 1: Space Edition.  Kodansha, 1999.