Thursday, December 11, 2014

MS-06-R-3 High Mobility Zaku (Gelgoog Forerunner Test Type)

One of the missing links that often appears in development flowcharts, but rarely detailed by itself.
There is no information that I am aware of that suggests anything about the fate of this MS, heavily implied to have been the only example of the type.  It's worth noting that the MS-11 in this case probably does not refer to the MS-11 Action Zaku.


Head height: 19.0m
Unit Weight: 43.5t
Loaded Weight: 73.7t
Energy Output: 1390kW
Thruster Output: 56600kg
Sensor radius: 6200m
Armor Materials: Super high strength steel
Armament: Beam Rifle, Heat Sword, 50mm vulcan guns x2

In order to combat the Gundam, increased mobility and maneuverability was added to a Zaku, creating this experimental Mobile Suit.

Based on an MS-06R-2 unit, and utilizing a large number of parts from the MS-11 (later the MS-14) an an almost fully complete test type was created in a very short period of time.


Source: Entertainment Bible #4: MS Development Wars  Bandai, 1991

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