Thursday, September 29, 2016


Well, I'd be lying if I said that the Macross Delta ending was worth it.  It felt okay at the time but if I stop to compare it, it's probably the weakest ending in the franchise, and that's including Zero.

The saltiness of both NA and Japanese audiences is real.  Everyone is hyped about resolving the triangle but that's really about it.    Especially the name drop of Megaroad-01 and then failure to actually do anything about it.

Yes, I went there.  At least things were actually resolved in Zero in a meaningful way.

Anyway, there is stuff being worked on, (sparked partially be a reddit discussion...)

Here is an exciting sample.  Yes, it's exciting.

As per usual, the translation is faster than getting the images cleaned up.


  1. Believe me, I'm just as disappointed by Delta's ending as you are. Yeah, the love triangle got wrapped, but it didn't feel... meaningful. I really wished Mirage had gotten more development on her side. And yeah, to say that a signal from the Megaroad-01 was received, and to not elaborate it any further is just infuriating. Another thing that irked me about Delta's ending was that while Lord Roid was defeated and his scheme thwarted, Prince Heinz and the rest of the Aerial Knights make it clear that the war is not over. The overall lack of closure reminds me a lot of the Gundam F91 movie. Heck, I'd say that that comparison is warranted considering both properties were rushed and had a lot of unused potential.

  2. I suppose it's inevitable that we'll get a movie, at least.

    Part of me thinks it would be awesome to play the Megaroad angle to go back and do a Megaroad movie/series/OVA.

    1. I like that Megaroad-01 angle a lot. I think that it could do very well as an OVA. And a Delta movie would be nice. I would like a bit more character development and closure than what we ended up with.