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RGM-86R Nouvel GM III

RGM-86R Nouvel GM III

A Front View, heavily loaded with optional equipment.   The largest changes from the standard GM III are the 'double ducts' on the shoulders and newly designed head.

The GM (or Jim) was originally developed during the Old War period as a simplified, production version of the RX-78 Gundam.  After the end of the Old War.  The original model was produced with budget as a primary concern, but was later modernized with increased power output, an added linear seat system, armor upgrades, and improved sensors, ultimately resulting in the 'GM II'.

However, at the outbreak of the Grypps conflict in U.C. 0087, they would be a completely outdated unit, and were suitable only as support units for the main forces of the Marasai for the Titans or the AEUG's Nemo, which replaced it in front line duty.

However, to bring this obsolete machine back onto the front lines effectively, a modernization plan was created: the GM III plan.  Though the GM II was essentially the result of only minor changes to the GM, the GM III would be a genuine overhaul and upgrade, greatly changing the characteristics of the GM III itself.

This overhaul would consist of several major aspects: the ability to equip custom-designed missile weaponry at several points on the frame, armor upgrades, increased sensor range, and adding a backpack unit which had about 30% parts commonality with the Gundam Mk II's backpack, giving it increased mobility with the heavy equipment it now carried.

This established the GM III as a fire support Mobile Suit and a new production line was added.

Most of these improvements could be made to existing GM II units, but to differentiate the 'pure' GM III units that were newly designed and produced, the
The 'kneecaps' and front skirt have additional parts added,
and the ankles clearly show the Gundam Mk. II influence.
Two large missile pods are mounted on the waist.
name 'Nouvel GM III' was used.   These Nouvel GM IIIs carried more powerful generators which were accompanied by large ducts on the shoulders, giving them a distinctive appearance.  The head unit is also a changed revision which allowed both increased vulcan ammunition capacity and improved sensor equipment.

Due to these changes, the Nouvel GM III possessed capabilities several steps above the GM III itself, and could be reasonably said to be simplified production models of the Gundam Mk II with excellent performance, a marked contrast to the other production type Gundam Mk. II, the Barzam.

Additionally, in a miscalculation by the AEUG, the Nemo proved to have poor cost performance, so the production line was closed after the end of the Grypps conflict, and changed over to a Nouvel GM III line.  Still, in order to further decrease the cost of Nouvel GM III production, later models would utilize the Nemo's generator, turning them back into general-purpose Mobile Suits.

This late production model would form the main complement of Mobile Suits at Luna II until almost UC 0093.
15 years after the birth of the GM, the simple fact that the basic design of the RX-78 can still be seen is a strong testament to its excellence.

GM III Systems

Add-on ventilators
Since the Nouvel GM III uses a new generator, these parts were conceived to increase the cooling capacity.

Medium Missile Pod

A fire support missile pack containing 12 missiles - this is a standarized type, so other missile types are also available.

Shoulder Armor

When attaching additional option parts to the shoulder, this cover can be removed and parts attached directly to the movable frame.

Knee unit - Field motor amplifier and propellant tank

This leg unit enhances the knee field motors as well as providing additional propellant for the added thrusters.

Added thruster unit

These thruster units have been added onto the lower legs in order to improve the GM III's performance.  Normally, most Mobile Suits mount their main thrusters on the backpack, but mounting them in this location is also not unusual.

Heel field motor amplifier

The heels also feature added field motor amplifiers which help the GM III retain maneuverability with the added weight and shift in center of gravity.

Added knee actuators

The square boxes on the knees are removed and these added actuator units are attached to improve control precision for the lower legs.

Amplifer Aid

These units enhance the various added systems in the knees.

Output enhancer units

These units increase the output of the main reactor, and are improved versions of those used on the RX-78.


The latest draft of the head.  The so-called 'Sentinel like' aesthetic can clearly be seen, somewhat resembling the Nero and Zplus.

Using the same type of backpack as the Gundam Mk II, the GM III gains greatly increased mobility.  this illustration shows the GM III without any additional shoulder or leg weapons pods.

Source: Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel Model Graphix, 1989

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