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MS-07B3 Gouf Custom

MS-07B3 Gouf Custom

Model Number: MS-07B3
Head Height: 18.2m
Base Weight: 58.5t
Loaded Weight: 77.6t
Generator Output: 1,034 kW
Thruster Output: 40,700kg
Armor Material: Luna Titanium 
Main Armament: Triple 35mm Gatling Cannon, Gatling Shield, Heat Rod, Heat Saber.

As the Gouf was intended to be used as an Anti-MS unit, the Mobile Suit's individual combat capabilities were increased, with the equipment enhanced by close combat weapons and improved fixed weapons, like the whip-like electrified heat rod on the right arm.  The left hand initially featured a 5-barrel 75mm machine gun, but the loss of adaptability and flexibility was later deemed to be incompatible with Zeon tactics.

The Zeonic company undertook considerable research to develop a brand-new ground combat Mobile Suit to ensure that was not merely a refurbished space-use Mobile Suit like the MS-06J.  

By improving on weaknesses identified in the testing of the then-new J-type, close combat capabilities were considered to be vital in combat against the Federal Forces MS that were predicted to soon appear.  This resulted in a new melee-focused Mobile Suit concept.    Addressing some of the problems of the 06 series, the chest and thigh armor was reinforced, and the motive system cables were moved to be contained inside the limbs themselves.    The ground mobility was also improved, with increased jumping capability and running speed,


Shoulder Armor 

Obviously differing from the shoulder armor on the preceeding 06 Zaku, the distinctive shoulder armor spikes and head design are intended to intimidate enemy pilots.



❸ Triple Gatling Cannon
Quintuple Gatling Gun (Option)
While the previous quintuple machine gun housed in the left hand provided valuable firepower, it also detracted from the adaptability of the Mobile Suit. 
Furthermore, since the magazine was housed inside the arm, capacity was also limited, and reloading in combat was impossible.  

For these reasons, the B3 type regained its adaptability by retaining the manipulator for the left hand, with an externally attached Triple 35mm Gatling Cannon.

❹ Gatling Shield (75mm Gatling Cannon)

Heat Saber
The beam sabers commonly equipped on Federation Mobile Suits proved to be extremely powerful in close combat, and as a result, it became very difficult for the Gouf, despite being designed for close combat, to close in on enemy Mobile Suits.

As a result, the Gatling Shield was created to increase the Gouf's capabilities in ranged combat.   The 75mm gatling cannon attached to the shield can be easily jettisoned if it should prove to interfere with the mobility of the Gouf, but in conjunction with the 35mm Gatling Cannon, Heat Rod, and Heat Saber, the B3 is a very well-rounded fighter.

Heat Rod 
Heat Rod (Stowed)
Made from stronger materials than previous models, the heat rod's diameter was decreased, and the effective launching range increased.   In order to more easily entangle targets, a clawed weight was added to the end. 

Source: High Grade 8th MS Team Gouf Custom 1/144 Manual, Bandai: 2002

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