Wednesday, August 10, 2016


It's always challenging to choose the next content to translate, discussions on Reddit's /r/Gundam guide me to some extent, but I'm typically looking at things I want to post as well.

I have a couple model kit translations in the works, as there's a bunch of interesting information on many of them, especially the MG and MSV kits.  Unfortunately, other than the dozen manuals I own personally there's not a lot else out there - most of the scans available on the internet do not include the fluff pages, or are at such a low resolution they're illegible (Most of the scans fall into this category.)  

I mean... If anyone wants to donate some scans...

Anyway, there are a few more big articles I'm working on, which accounts for the delay, but I'll put a couple smaller things like the aforementioned kit manuals up in the meantime.

I'd like to put some Macross material up as well, after I can clear out some of the backlogged bigger articles.   (Because I'm finally getting into the groove of Delta.)


  1. So... what do you think of Macross Delta?

  2. Nobody has really mentioned it yet... But it's really light on actual action scenes compared to other series. When we do have action scenes it's basically Hayate vs Keith, with everyone else just sidelined.

    I don't mind that necessarily, since the plot seems to be picking up, but it seems to be sacrificing everything for the musical elements and story, tossing out the Love Triangle (which Kawamori never wanted) and the action.

    1. Huh, never noticed the lack of team action until you pointed it out. Though I do have to say that the Hayate vs. Keith scenes look absolutely amazing. Still, can't wait to see how Delta will end. I for one have been enjoying despite its flaws.

  3. Do you actually want scans? I literally started building the MG of this kit yesterday.