Friday, July 22, 2016

Johnny Ridden

Military ID Number: PM056330279A
Affiliation: Mobile Assault Corps


Born UC0056, as a third generation of the first colony immigrants. Johnny Ridden's family immigrated to space from the former Australia, though he was of American ancestry, unusual within Zeon.
Upon finishing his higher education courses are the age of 22, he volunteered for the Zeon Defense Forces. After passing through the Military Academy, he would be assigned as a Mobile Suit Pilot in the Mobile Assault Corps.
During the One Week War, he would deploy onto the battlefield piloting a MS-06C as a Master Sergeant. At the Battle of Loum, due to his achievement of sinking three warships, he would be promoted to Captain, and be assigned a MS-06F Zaku II, which then would be painted crimson with black accents, which led it being frequently mistaken as Major Char Aznable's Mobile Suit.

After being promoted to Major, Ridden would receive an MS-06R-2 Zaku II, but in January UC0080 would be transferred to the Ace Corps being formed for homeland defense, and transfer to a MS-14B.

Following this, Maj. Ridden would undergo shakedown training of the MS-14B in the Corregidor shoal zone and take command of the 1st company in the Ace Pilot Corps.
The fierce battle at A Bao A Qu was soon to follow, and though he participated, his activities in the battle remain are unknown. On January 25, UC0080, he was declared missing in action following the battle, subsequently promoted to Lt. Colonel, and discharged from military service.

Source: MSV Vol. 2 : Zeon MS/MA edition KC Deluxe, 2006(Reprint) 1984 (Original)


  1. Johnny Ridden was Australian? Learn something new everyday. Just goes to show much mixed heritage Spacenoids really are.

  2. A Japanese speaking Australian-American? The U.C. is complicated.

    1. That is one thing I've noticed when watching Gundam - particularly the Universal Century series - is that Spacenoids have no cultural identity of their own, so to say. Instead, they adopt cultural identities from their ancestors. You can see this effect in the Prequel Arc of Gundam: The Origin (Volumes 5 through 7 of the hardcover editions) where Side 3 seems to consist of colonists of German and Japanese descent. In Gundam: Thunderbolt, it's kind of implied that the colonists of Side 4 Moore were of American descent, with Io Flemming being an air racer that flew in a P-51 Mustang. And Side 5 is implied to be of American descent as well, considering that the Texas Colony is based off the Wild West of the late 1800's.