Wednesday, July 20, 2016

MBR-04-MkIV Tomahawk

Heavy Weapons Assault Type


Total Height (Head): 11.27m
Total Loaded Weight: 31.3t
Main Armament:
Mauler pBG-11 Liquid Cooled Charged Particle Beam Gun x2
Anti-Personnel Ramington M-89 12.7mm Air-Cooled Machine Gun x2
Sub Armament: Astra TZ-III Gun Cluster x2 (consisting of: Laser Cannon, 25mm Autocannon, 180mm Grenade Launcher, and Flamethrower)
Rocket Weaponry: Bifors 12-tube Short-Range Guided Rocket Launcher x2
Erikolon Anti-Aircraft Guided Missile 6-tube Launcher Option Pack x1

The MBR-04 Destroids were the first practical destroid models to be deployed, with the initial development beginning in May 2000, with the prototype appearing in December 2003, with the first MBR-04MkI rolling out in February 2007. 

The Tomahawk Mk. III would roll out in November 2007, with the Defender Mk X rolling out in March 2009.  The MBR-04-MkI was armed solely with rocket launchers, but the underutilized capabilities of the MBR-04 system were soon realized, and an evolved model was already under development to take advantage of this untapped potential.  The MBR-MkIV Tomahawk possesses the strongest firepower of the series, though the melee capability was somewhat reduced due to the removal of both arms.  However, despite this, in most exercises the design's firepower resulted in most combat concluding before the use of the arms became necessary, and so the design was moved to full production.

Source: Entertainment Bible #27: Super Dimension Fortress Macross Encyclopedia. Bandai, 1991

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