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RGM-79SP GM Sniper II

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Model Number: RGM-79SP
Head Height: 18.0m
Weight: 45.0t
Total Weight: 61.0t
Generator Output: 1,390kw
Armor Material: Titanium Ceramic alloy
Armaments: Sniper Rifle
Bullpup Machine Gun
Beam Saber

The "RGM-79SP GM Sniper II" is based on the RGM-79D, as a customized model of the so-called 'GM Command line' and was deployed in combat late in the One Year War, and ultimately developed to be the highest performance GM variation.  

The head unit's visor contains precision targeting laser and optical compound sensors, and function as 'goggles' for the main camera, allowing cooling of the main head unit and physical filtering of noise, allowing for sniping attacks at extreme ranges.

Owing to this capability, the GM Sniper II can operate beyond the range of enemy weapons, and can carry out its objectives of eliminating priority targets like MS carriers and commander units.

However, the GM Sniper II is not exclusively a sniping unit, but follows the precedent set by the previously introduced and well regarded entry to the GM line of the RGM-79SC GM Sniper Custom.
The GM Sniper Custom preserves its general-purpose capabilities while also increasing overall performance, and the GM Sniper II was designed to match this profile.   It can use nearly all of the armament used by contemporary Mobile Suits, and also adds sub thrusters in several locations, with 2 large vernier thrusters added to the backpack and each leg.   This style of main vernier aligned along the central axis of the MS would later be used in the MSA-003 Nemo and the RGM-89 Jegan, and seems to be an effective technique to improve mobility while maintaining the same basic silhouette.

The GM Sniper II actualy exceeds the catalog specifications of the 'Gundam', and is noted to be one of the few Federation production MS able to oppose the Gelgoog on a one-to-one basis.    

However, due to the late-war completion of the design, as well as a cost that can only barely be said to be appropriate for a production model MS, meant that only the few test types and those immediately following them on the production line were all that were produced.  Additionally, it has also been postulated that the part of the design staff that were opposed to the debut of the post war Titans would contribute to the design of the Nemo while at Anaheim Electronics, but the details are unknown.

Scarlet Team

The Scarlet Team, the name of the MS Corps aboard the NT-1's carrier Grey Phantom, utilized multiple examples of the Production Guncannon, GM Command, and GM Sniper II.

 Bullpup Submachine Gun

The late-war MS Machine Gun utilized by a number of MS, firing a 90mm round.  The magazine and operating parts were located behind the trigger, allowing for a long barrel while preserving a short overall length, making it a very effective weapon to handle.


The unique 'Ransel' design is a particular design feature of many Federation MS, and was redesigned using parts from the 79G line to give the maximum possible performance utilizing these standard parts.   Pitch on the left/right axis, as well as upward and downward mobility is excellent in this design.

Beam Saber

Energy weapons designed for cutting attacks, using a plasma beam to cut targets.  These beam sabers are the same model as used on the GM Command line, with two located on the rear armor.

Sniper Rifle

A long-range recoilless rifle developed for Mobile Suits, using a fluid propellant system that requires only the bullet itself to be loaded.  (TL note: technical definition of 'bullet' vs. 'cartridge'.)    While only units meeting certain sniper standards are able to utilize this weapon for precision attacks, normal units can also use this weapon as a short-medium range recoilless cannon.


The primary means of effective defense against projectile weapons equipped on this unit.  The design, developed for the GM Command, features a curved surface utilizing anti-beam coating, with magazines, beam sabers, and other option equipment able to be stored and carried as well.

Head Visor

Specialized laser sensors as well as optical type high magnification lenses and image stabilizers are combined to create the compound sensors housed within the visor.  This sensor array has the appearance of 'goggles' for the standard main camera.

RH-35E Draken-E

The 'Riah Forces' stationed at Side 6 used this MMS or 'Middle Mobile Suit'.  Originally a civilian construction machine, it features 'double arm manipulators' to allow for relatively prescise work, but can also be equipped with 'power loader' style manipulators.   Independently from Federation or Zeon forces, the units can be used in civil engineering projects or used for port work, though it is also often used in public safety and riot suppression duties.   The 'RH-35' indicates the Riah 35 'Libot' colony.

Riah Forces

These forces are stationed at Side 6 'Riah', and in order to preserve the government's claim of neutrality, they are not able to maintain any military grade weaponry, possessing only anti-personnel and ground-based equipment.

Source: HGUC GM Custom Instruction Manual, Bandai 2012

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