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Zeon Forces Uniforms and Smallarms

The Principality of Zeon’s Military uniforms are particularly notable for their emphasis on appearance and design.  The design, which is evocative of designs in the restoration era past, gives priority to identification, with rank devices not only present on shoulders and sleeves, but also a large rank insignia on the chest, a particularly noteworthy point.

Though these design features were practically useful in identifying personnel from long distances, there is also the reasonable explanation that these features also helped maintain a high level of battlefield morale.

The uniforms were made from 'lightweight ultra-durable fabrics' and though the precise composition is unknown, they were designed with an emphasis on moisture-wicking, insulating, and breathability using organic/synthetic compounds with alloy fiber reinforcements.  

Soldiers who made the first Earth assault drop operations were seen to have been supplied with the same uniforms used in space operations, which had the functionality of having variable insulation properties depending on the outside temperature.

These abilities were developed as part of the process to improve one of the most essential items for spacenoids: the lightweight Normal Suit, and gave rise to an exceptionally versatile fabric. 

Additionally, as the Zeon Force not only included a Mobile Suit Corps, but also Air, Sea, and Land forces were later assembled, which, unlike the previous century's Navy, Army, and Air Forces, did not use discernably different uniforms.
Zeon Force 2nd Combat Dress (Brigadier General)

The most common type of combat uniform used by Zeon forces.  Because the Principality of Zeon military had little concept of combat in the field, the tough, lightweight 2nd Combat Dress was used in place of a fatigue-type Battle Dress Uniform.  However, the uniform lacks discernable pockets and was believed to restrict the mobility of the wearer.  The front of the uniform was designed with a large prominent rank insignia, as it was believed that this would lead to greater morale than being able to discern a soldier’s occupational specialty.

Zeon force 3rd combat dress (Colonel)

Permitted for use by both senior and junior officers, this combat uniform typically includes a mantle. (Technically a cape, but commonly called a ‘mantle’).  
The 2nd and 3rd combat dress uniforms appear to have few regulations governing their appearance, and there appear to be several variations of this uniform which differ depending on the duty assignment of the individual officer.   The 3rd combat dress uniform was most commonly seen with straight cut trousers rather than the riding style breeches of the 2nd combat dress uniform.

Zeon Force / “Stosstruppen” Style

Commonly used with the close range assault personal jetpacks, this uniform’s design greatly evokes the style of uniforms worn by paratroopers in the previous era.  The uniform consists of a single-piece jumpsuit made of relatively thick material, and is thought to use materials suited for jetpack flight and landing operations, with heat-resistant and shock absorbing properties, but precise details are unknown.  The ‘commando type’ gloves are made of a similarly thick material, and the footwear are standard lace-up style boots throught to help prevent ankle injuries when landing.  Though the idea of the design does seem to stem from paratroops used on Earth in the previous century, it is also thought that the simple design of the Normal Suit also influenced the design of this uniform.

Zeon Force / An Officer with Field Coat

As the Zeon forces had little concept of combat in the field, most soldiers typically wore the second combat dress with an added helmet as a typical working uniform.  However, with the wide range of different climates and temperature extremes on Earth, there were many situations where the limitations of the fabrics and materials used in the uniform were easily exceeded.
The coat worn by the soldier in this illustration is most likely designed to meet the demands of soldiers after the first Earth Landing Operation, and was formally issued at this point.
However, with the presence of coat pockets, as well as numerous other design departures from the standard Zeon military uniforms, suggest the alternate explanation that this coat may have been locally procured on Earth.   Additionally, as many officers were seen wearing coats of different designs, it is not known if these coats were officially supplied or made to order at an individual level.

Zeon Navy / Submarine Crew

This image depicts the 2nd combat dress worn by the Submarine Corps.  Owing to the differing climate demands on Earth, the sleeves have been shortened, and the trousers are of a straight-cut type, with shorter boots to match the trousers.  Though the precise materials are not known, there is thought to have been little change from the versatile fabrics used in Space Corps issue uniforms.   The cap in this example is basically similar to the caps issued to Spaceship crew, in this case, worn by a ship’s Executive Officer (XO.)

Zeon Personal Sidearms

The officially issued personal firearms for the Zeon forces consisted of designs perfected in the previous century, cartridge-firing self loading pistols and automatic weapons.

Though laser weapons were also developed for senior officers, the high cost and difficulty of use meant that they were not well-suited for battlefield conditions, and a limited number were supplied.

As a result, firearms using production technology from the previous century were created and used extensively until the introduction and deployment of recoilless designs for use in zero-gravity environments.

Source: Another Century's Episode Vol 1.: One Year War Complete History Part 1. Gakken Mook, 2007.


  1. It's interesting to note that only the junior and senior officers wore capes, rather than flag officers (Generals/Admirals). It would've been nice to see a section on the red dress uniform, which was used all the way to the Neo Zeon movements.

    I'm looking forward to see more updates from you, White Knight.

  2. The red uniform is not a dress uniform actually, it's only worn by secretaries (yes, they have their own uniform and own rank, actually...) and certain 'unique officers uniforms'.

    There are actually capes for general officers (At least brigadier) in the older materials, which I'll put up at some point..

  3. Replies
    1. Kycilia Zabi used one near the end of the show on, well.. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll let you watch it yourself. I don't believe any one else was depicted with one during the One Year War, although we see them later (such as in Unicorn). Which is what indicates that they were a high ranking weapon. Probably more prestigious than practical. If they were used at other points in the original series I'd like someone to point it out, since I'd love to go back to those points to re-watch.

    2. Char had one on his side. It's the white sword looking thing on his belt.