Monday, April 27, 2015

RX-94 Production Type ν Gundam

RX-94 Spec

Head Height: 21.2m
Unloaded Weight: 25.6t
Loaded Weight: 64.5t (Fin Funnel equipped), 58t (Incom equipped)
Generator Output: 2500kW
Thruster Output: 91000kg
Sensor Radius: 19400m
Armor Materials: Gundarium Alloy
Armament: Beam Rifle (same as used on the RX-93)
Beam Spray Gun
Beam Saber x1
Incom Unit (Option pack)
Fin Funnel (Option pack)
Beam Saber Rack
Hyper Bazooka
Beam Cannon
Missile x4

This unit was designed as a production-capable version of what was said to be ‘the Ultimate Mobile Suit’, the ν Gundam.

Taking into consideration Neo Zeon’s production of mobile suits such as the Jagd Doga and Geara Doga to form their main combat strength, Londo Bell launched this plan to create a main combat MS that exceeded the capabilities of the Jegan.

Source: Entertainment Bible #4: MS Development Wars. Bandai, 1991


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