Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SEE TYPE 7 Brocken

…”Somewhat like a Volvo…”

Basic Specifications:
Schaft Enterprises Europe

Total Height: 8.68m
Total Width: 4.69m
Empty Weight: 8.23t
Loaded Weight: 9.92t.
Maximum carrying capacity: 4.0t
Minimum turn radius: 6.20m
Armor material: Titanium fiber reinforced materials
Introduced: February 1998
Remarks: 105mm cannon, 40mm rapid fire machine cannon can be equipped.  Officially employed by NATO forces as a heavy military labor.


A heavy assault military labor borne out of a nation with a similar industrial capacity as Japan, the former West Germany.
With a humanoid form similar to Shinohara Heavy Industries’ Ingram, the Brocken is a very well developed machine.   
Though not quite to the same level as the Ingram, the Brocken also possesses finger-like manipulators modeled after the human hand, allowing for a wide range of optional equipment to be carried.
Created as a military labor to meet strict NATO requirements, which also included complete watertight capabilities.  (Though it cannot display the same level of performance when submerged.)  
Judging by the thickness of the armor, power, and heavy weapon options, this unit is assumed to be a dedicated anti-tank labor.

In actual use…

The unit has shown a frightening level of firepower, and in the recent confrontation between the Brocken and Ingram, the Ingram’s firepower was naturally not able to not have much effect on it.

After all, the Brocken’s 40mm machine cannon and anti-tank missiles cause the Ingram’s 37mm revolver cannon to look like a children’s toy by comparison.   The Brocken can likely be said to be the most powerful military labor at the current time, though the thickness of the armor does cause a loss of dexterity, as the Ingram’s minimum turn radius was shown to be a mere fraction of the Brocken’s.

Source: Entertainment Bible No. 23: Mobile Police Patlabor Vol 2, Bandai 1990, p.119

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