Saturday, April 18, 2015

RGM-89S Stark Jegan

EFSF Anti-Ship Assault Mobile Suit

A high performance upgraded version of the Earth Federation Force’s main MS, the Jegan, with improved armor and thrusters, along with triple missile pods mounted on the shoulders.  As a state-of-the-art Mobile Suit, it was deployed with the Londo Bell Corps and engaged Neo Zeon’s Kshatriya in combat near Industrial 7.

Type Number: RGM-89S
Total Height: 19.2m
Unloaded weight: 28.4t
Loaded Weight: 68.1t
Generator Output: 1870kw
Thruster Output: 76600kg
Sensor Radius: 16800m
Armor Materials: Titanium Ceramic Composite alloys
Pilot: EFSF Pilots
Armament: Beam Saber
Beam Rifle
Vulcan Pod System
Grenade Launcher
Triple Missile Pod
Hyper Bazooka

The Stark Jegan is a Mobile Suit based on the Earth Federation Forces’ main Mobile Suit, the Jegan D with added equipment in order to enhance its capabilities.

Following the Second Neo Zeon war, the Federation Military faced a shrinking of their military expenditures, and without a large budget to develop new Mobile Suits, a plan was devised to change the specifications of the extremely flexible Jegan using optional added parts in order to improve the combat strength of the EFSF’s MS Corps.   Out of this plan several new Jegan variants were created, and the Stark Jegan was among them.    

Conceptually similar to the plan which improved the GM II’s mobility and effectiveness into the GM III, the One Year War’s Sniper Type derived from the GM, and can be seen as originating with the Gundam Improvement Project’s FSWS plan.  In many ways, this can be looked upon as a very traditional way for the Federation Forces to improve the capabilities of their Mobile Suits, extended to the Jegan.

Utilizing the mount latches built into the Jegan D Type, triple missile pods were mounted to each shoulder for long range fire support, with additional armor panels added on the chest, waist, and legs.  These armor parts may also be jettisoned in mid-combat if they become unnecessary, and since the balance of the Mobile Suit will be changed, the thruster output of the added thrusters will automatically be adjusted to compensate.

Source: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Mechanics & World, ep 1-3. Futabasha, 2012


  1. Just an addendum: "FSWS" stands for "Full-armor System and Weapons System", which was originally mounted on the FA-78 Full Armor Gundam and its derivatives (ie. Heavy Full Armor 7th Gundam, the G-Line variants, et cetera). A pretty Engrishy acronym, in my opinion...

    I'm also confused with the two Prototype units. Are those made out of the D Type chassis or the initial production RGM-89?

  2. This suit really captured my imagination, and it's introduction in the introduction of Unicorn got me back into Gundam. Thanks for the post!