Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Space suits of the One Year War

Even in an age where space suits are worn on an everyday basis to perform activities in outer space, there are many demands placed on the space suits worn, and as a result of incorporating all the necessary features, the space suits often limit the range of motion of their wearer.   Military Space suits aim to allow as wide a range of motion as possible, but are also modified to be easier to egress.  These types of modifications would be extremely expensive and so are not practical for civilian use space suits, and so are seen as somewhat extravagant in comparison.

E.F.F. Normal-Suit (Light-duty space-suit)

This space suit is typically worn by combat personnel.  This suit's design and materials are designed to prevent obstructing the wearer's movements, and unlike the heavy duty space suits, are not issued in a standard range of sizes, but are fit much more closely to the wearer's body, resulting in a nearly tailor-made fit for each individual.   These suits were developed for use by small combat spacecraft and Mobile Suit pilots, so while of course they have the capability to function in a vacuum, they are designed to increase the survivability of the wearer over all else.

E.F.F. Normal-Suit (Heavy-duty space suit)

Though originally developed as a revised civilian-use spacesuit, a complete redesign of the suit starting with the basic materials found to be necessary.   Inevitably, the military contracted a civlian space suit maker to conduct research and development, supplying a list of requirements to meet military specifications.  These requirements included improvements in durability, wearer survivability, expanded range of motion, and ease of production, among others.  Some systems like the life support and communications systems were the subjects of intensive research to miniaturize them as much as possible without affecting the function of these systems.   Since these suits must be used when working both outside the ship's hull, emergency situations, or aboard the ship during combat, special care was paid to the composition and flexibility of the materials used in the suit's construction.

Principality of Zeon Force Pilot Normal-Suit (Light-duty space-suit)

This space suit was developed to enhance Mobile Suit Pilot survivability. Since the Principality of Zeon Force is heavily dependent on space suits in their everyday living environment, and also because of the early introduction of Mobile Suits, these suits are generally seen as more advanced than the equivalent Federation Forces suits.

This lightweight space suit is worn as a combat uniform during many space combat and infiltration operations, and though these types of actions would later be considered somewhat reckless, it does show how strongly the soldiers trusted these space suits.

Source: Another Century's Episode Vol 2.: One Year War Complete History Part 2. Gakken Mook, 2007.


  1. Can you please do another "Rank & Ignisia" for the Federation, based on this material?

    1. I am planning to do articles on EF Uniforms and Rank insignia at some point, not to worry!

  2. Not to be complaining or anything, but shouldn't there some sort of mention of those normal suits used by lalah and challia used, which I always assumed was some sort of suit used for newtype MAs.