Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gundam Pixie

RX-78-XX Gundam Pixie

Total Height: 19.2m
Head Height: 18.3m
Total Weight: 39.8t
Generator Output: 1440 kw
Thruster Output: 70500kg
Armament: 60mm Vulcan Cannon, 90mm Machine Gun, Beam Dagger x2
(First Appearance: SFC Cross Dimension 0079)

One of the Federal Forces' top secret RX series Mobile Suits.  Designed for combat on Earth, this omits most of the space combat equipment like the core fighter system, which allows a considerably slimmer body. 

 As this unit was designed with an emphasis on melee combat, it is equipped with proprietary beam dagger close combat weapons, and also possess enhanced apogee motors with allow it to achieve burst thrust exceeding that of the RX-78-2.   

The fastest machine on Earth, only three units were produced, with Unit 2 planned for delivery to Sergeant Amuro Ray on the White Base.

Source: Dengeki Data Collection #13: One Year War Side Story Pt.1 - Original MS in Games. ASCII Media Works/Kadokawa, June 2000.


  1. Once again, another upgrade to the RX-78-2 fails to get to Amuro Ray. First it was the NT-1, now this machine. I'll bet it was supposed to be delivered to Amuro while he was on Earth.

  2. .(^0^).

    يحيا الجاندام و يحيا إتحاد الأرض

  3. A good writeup for a pretty yucky machine. Okawara has really pooped out a lot of MSs that don't look like they belong in the One Year War.

  4. remove the gundam head, this looks like the mass produced dagger series of the cosmic era.