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The ReGz is an experimental Mobile Suit developed in UC0091 by Anaheim Electronics.  This machine's nickname is the shorted version of the full name; 'Refine Gundam Zeta', and is an experimental production version of the most advanced AEUG Mobile suit deployed in the Grypps conflict: the MSZ-006 Z Gundam.

Though the Z Gundam could transform into the 'wave rider' as a transformable mobile suit, the complex transformation system was omitted as it was found to hinder the production process.  This would allow the simplified construction of the ReGZ as a standard mobile suit,  and utilizing an additional flight module known as the Back Weapon System, it was much simpler to produce.  This concept is similar to the RX-178 Gundam Mk II's experimental G-Defenser equipment concept, but with advances in technology that allow it to perform on par with the Z Gundam.  Especially in space fighter form, increased mobility, cruising range, and firepower were achieved on a level not previously thought possible on a production model.  

However, circumstances had changed by the time the ReGZ would roll out, and other than the resistance movement EGUM's small scale guerilla operations in the colonies, the Earth Sphere was mostly peaceful, and the Federation Forces' primary mobile suit models had already been determined, leaving little room for the expensive, high performance ReGZ.

As a result, production planning was halted, and the one prototype was sent to the Londo Bell Corps for combat testing.

Captain Amuro Ray would be use this single unit operationally, but as the Neo Zeon Forces were reinforced by new Newtype Mobile Suits, the ReGZ, lacking a Psycommu unit, would find itself far outclassed.


Beam Rifle

The ReGZ's main armament, with output of 3.8MW.  The upper side of the rifle has a targeting laser sensor.

Beam Saber
A melee weapon, rated at 0.7MW.  This weapon creates a mega particle blade contained by a powerful electromagnetic field.   To conserve energy, the blade is not emitted until moments before striking, which also applies to other similar beam sabers.

Grenade Launchers (Hip Section)

Two grenade launchers are mounted on each side of the hip side armor.  While normally oriented downwards, the launchers can rotate before firing.

Grenade Launchers (Arm)

Close combat weapons mounted on the manipulators, with two tubes mounted on each arm, for a total of four shots, with proven firepower as demonstrated by the Z Gundam.  Though smaller than the hip grenade launchers, the arm mountings offer greatly improved firing angles.  These differ from missiles in that they are unguided.


The new linear seat has increased control ability due to the introduction of the arm rakers, which are trackball-style control interfaces.

Source: 1/144 RGZ-91 Model Kit Instruction Manual, Sotsu Agency/Sunrise 1987


  1. Thanks for these. I always enjoy them. Did they give a model number on the beam rifle? It looks like it uses a different rifle than the Jegan.

  2. No model number is ever given for the RE-GZ's weapons, not here or in the MG kit manual.

  3. How old is this article? I ask as the diagram of the Re-GZ is a little... off. Unless of course, I'm reading that diagram wrong.

    1. Never mind, I was definitely reading that diagram wrong.

    2. Glad you figured it out - I do make it a point to date the original sources on each post in tiny text at the bottom! (This one is from 1987, anyway.)