Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Road to Solomon

So the VF-31 pictures aren't very good, even considering that I'm not overly focused on picture quality as long as it conveys the needed information.   Sometimes that's what I have to work with, as that article was translated from manual scans from dalong.net and 1999.co.jp.

If someone has higher quality scans of manuals they're always welcomed.    There are cases where the picture is low quality to begin with, like the one posted above, since it's supposed to have a grainy high ISO film like quality.   MSV manuals don't really have great art either, so I'll just have to make do somehow.

Anyway, there's a very long Battle of Solomon article on the way as I move to cover the last two major battles in the OYW, since they come up in discussion a lot on various forums but the data itself never seems to have made it into English in an obvious way.   I am to correct that and will be using the more updated versions of these battles depicted in Another Century's Chronicle, though maybe I can come back with Entertainment Bible 39 later.   It may be some time before this article is done due to its length, but I have shorter bits to post in the meantime.