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Gundam Mk. V

Total Height: 25.42m
Head Height: 22.80m
Base Weight: 39t
Loaded Weight: 65.31t
Power Generator Output: 5,320KW
Main Propulsion Rocket Output: 3,340kgx2, 2,220kgx2
Attitude Adjustment Verniers: 10

Sensor Radius: 12,000m
Armor Materials: Gundarium Composite
Fixed Armament: Back Beam Cannon x2 (Output 12MW)
Beam Saber x2 (Output 0.9MW)
Incom x2 (Output 4.5MW)

The Augusta research institute developed this unit as a reduced-size version of the MRX-009 'Psyco Gundam', it is equipped with a Quasi-Psycommu wire-guided weapon system known as the 'Incom System'.

As a Gundam-type Mobile Suit it possesses a fairly unique appearance.  The shield is equipped with booster units, and when accelerating in space, it is designed to latch to the Mobile Suit's back.  The backpack is designed with separate parts on the left and right, and using the movable frame, it can rotate up to 90 degrees forward, allowing the beam sabers to be switched to beam cannon mode.
The 'D' marking on the left leg is the symbol of
New Desides, also standardized on the Xeku series.

It was carried about the New Desides suppression fleet 'Bull Run', but when Admiral Aeno defected, it was handed over to New Desides and subsequently piloted by the leader of New Desides, Brave Cod.

Though the Titans appreciated that the capabilities of the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam were beyond their wildest expectations, the peculiar and unstable nature of the Enhanced Humans (Tl Note: Cyber Newtypes) required as pilots, and the phenomenally high costs meant that it would not be a simple matter to increase production numbers.  

This resulted in greatly increased funding being allocated to the 'quasi-newtype system' that was in development at the Augusta Research Facility, which also resulted in a request to simultaneously develop a Mobile Suit equipped with the system.  In order to meet these demands, to help integrate the new Mobile Suit into the existing Federation series of Mobile Suits, and to simplify maintenance on the Quasi-Psycommu system, a large reduction in size (and thus cost) was required.  

The product of this plan was the Gundam Mk. V.

Using the wired-type Quasi Psycommu system known as the 'Incom' mounted on both shoulders, normal human pilots could, (though limited to two-dimensional movement) use a control system similar to Psychommu weapons to allow nearly identical 'all-range attacks' that previously required a Newtype (or Enhanced Human) pilot.  

However, the Titans who would commission this decelopment would find the tables turned on them before the rollout of the first unit, and so the AEUG, after being absorbed into the Federation Forces after the regime change, would continue development.

Though called a 'Gundam', the external appearance is markedly different from both the original concept machine and the previous 'Gundam type' mobile suits, with few visual similarities at best. 

This name could be attributed more towards following the 'Gundam faith' at best, as a Mobile Suit designed to test a type of newly developed system, so when viewed in this manner, the naming becomes a little more appropriate.

One other unique feature of this design was the shield equipped with large thrusters, allowing it to be used as a acceleration booster during space operations.  

Additionally, of the three test types produced, one of these would would find its way to Axis when one of the researchers at the Murasame Institute, Loren Nakamoto, swore their loyalty to Axis and provided them with one of the test types.   This unit would later become the base for the AMX-014 Doven Wolf.

The Gundam Mk. V is fairly far removed from the traditional image of the 'Gundam' series, despite it's name.  In particular, the torso block is not only quite different from other 'Gundam' designs, but has a structure unlike any other Mobile Suit.

The head 'crest' is probably one of the few areas which follow the 'Gundam' aesthetic, in addition to the twin eyes which are used for the two forward-facing monitors.   The overall face design is quite aggressive.

The backpack is composed of a central block and two separate left and right blocks.  The left and right blocks each contain one Quasi-wire-guided-Psycommu weapons known as 'Incoms'.

The drafts of of the Mk. V's beam rifle.  This rifle was planned to rotate (TL note: The implication seems to be that the rifle would rotate independently on its own joint without the need for the Mobile Suit's hand), and also had a planned variant in a 'Gunner rifle', pictured at the bottom, for use as a long range weapon. 
The Mk. V's Original Ivory White coloring, evoking a very inorganic feel, along with the new model of beam rifle envisioned for the design had it not fallen into New Desides hands.

The backpack in 'Cannon mode'. The movable frame allows the joints to rotate and slide forward.   

The initial draft of the Mk.V design, the 'Early' Mk. V.  When it was decided New Desides would use the Mk. V, the face was redesigned to have a more aggressive appearance.

Source: Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel Model Graphix, 1989

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