Thursday, August 22, 2013


Don't know why there's a sudden bit of traffic here, but just wanted to mention that I actually have a few updates backlogged, and mostly being held up by the time it takes to process the illustrations that accompany the posts.   I have had so little spare time to edit them, as that's the most involved process. Translating isn't so much an issue.

Here's the status of some articles I have prepped:

MS-06R1A Technical Manual: 100% translated, 50% pictures complete.
FF-X7 BST Intercept Core Booster article: 100% translated, 25% pictures complete.
Howard GU-17A (VF-25 Gunpod) Article: 100% translated, pictures 0% complete.
ARL-99 Helldiver (Patlabor) Article: 100% translated pictures 15% complete.

There are a few more that I finished as well, but I'm preparing for a two month business trip around Asia, so I'm not sure how much time I can devote to extras...

Here's a teaser:

This pistol, commonly seen in use by Zeon forces, utilizes an old, toggle action design, which can only be explained as the deep personal interest of the designer.  It uses the same 9mm ammunition as the standard-issue Zeon submachine gun.  

(Source: Another Century's Chronicle, Vol1)

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