Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gundam technology trends

Well, the MS Pilot manual series is now completed, and it was an interesting project. It really seems like the series was planned out in advance, as you see a drastic increase in automation and decrease in necessary controls in the cockpit.

We also got to see how some things worked, like the ballute system (I always wondered how that balloon kept from catching on fire...), and beam sabers in the 0090s, and ejection systems.

The articles themselves seemed to be relatively well thought out, and for the most part stayed away from sci-fi technobabble to explain away things, though there still seem to be a few holes in how certain things are accomplished. We also don't really ever get to take a look into any differences in EF cockpits.  (Though with some of the new Master Archive, we may be able to get something...)

Next up, we'll look at a detailed look at the MS-06 R1A's cockpit.

Any comments or questions are always welcome.

(Sources used: Entertainment Bible #1, #2, #3)

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