Tuesday, June 21, 2016

MSZ-013 Mass Production ZZ Gundam

MSZ-013 Spec

Head Height: 18.5m
Unloaded Weight: 29.2t
Loaded Weight: 53.5t
Generator Output: 2210kW
Thruster Output: 97500kg
Sensor Radius: 11300m
Armor Materials: Gundarium Alloy
Armament: 50mm Vulcan Gun x2
Simplified High Mega Cannon
Spray Mega Particle Gun
Micromissile x1
Missile Pod x2
Beam Saber x2
Hand Grenade x2
Beam Rifle
Option Weapon Pod x2 (Micro Missile + Beam Cannon)

Retaining the ZZ Gundam's powerful fixed armaments like the High Mega Cannon, the Mass Production ZZ Gundam omits the Core Block and docking/transformation systems in order to reduce costs and make it more suited for mass production.

  However, in order to use the multiple beam weapons in the ZZ design, an powerful generator was installed, which is unusual for a mass production unit, which ultimately meant that the cost savings were not significant.

Adding in the considerable maintenance required for these systems meant that the unit ended up being quite expensive.

Source: Entertainment Bible #4: MS Development Wars. Bandai, 1991

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