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ARMD-01 Space Carrier

ARMD Space Carrier

April, 2029: AVT-204 'Kilauea' rendezvous with the 'Grime Wolves' Squadron in Earth Orbit.   This photo taken from the rear sear of VF-1P Ostrich+. with #101 Commander W. Barrett in the foreground.  Under the wings are a pair of AMM-1B, and a cargo pod containing personal items.

Drive System: Overtechnology Advanced Heat Pile System x2

Gravity Management System: Overtechnology Advanced Gravity Control System x1

Super Dimensional Flight System: Not equipped

Exhaust Thrust Systems: Overtechnology Advanced Main Nozzle Thruster OTMN-3T x2
Vernier Thrusters x many

Armament: Overtechnology Guided Beam Cannon System x5
Rocket armament: Large anti-space/anti-ship missile launcher x2
Medium Self-guided anti-ship missile x6
Other small anti-aircraft weapons: x many

Aircraft complement: Manned Space Fighter: Rocky SF-3A Lancer II x78
Unmanned Fighter Northrom QF-3000E Ghost and others: x270

Developed by the United Nations Space Forces Armament Workshop

Born from the 'Overtechnology gained as part of the SDF-1 Macross' restoration and improvment projects, the ARMD carriers were hurriedly developed as a subsystem of the Macross strategic system.

Initially, this carrier was developed as a space rig for space combat craft, which was essentially an orbital floating dock. However, with the addition of propulsion systems, armament, and defensive plating, they were ultimately commissioned as space carriers, though as space craft they were excessively massive and ponderous.

When docked with the SDF-1, the ARMD carriers not only would be able to fold along with it, but would also provide a supporting role in supplementing the SDF-1's anti-aircraft capability with additional anti-aircraft weapon stations.

Construction commenced later than the SDF-1, in June 2002.  However, due to the simple design and ease of construction, the second and third ARMD ships had been commissioned by the time the SDF-1 launched to space, with up to eight additional ships nearly ready to launch to space.

Other than the SDF-1 and the ARMD 1 and 2 ships that formed its fleet, the remaining ships were planned to conduct patrols around the Moon and Lagrange points accompanied by space destroyers.

Source: Macross Perfect Memory, Minori Publishing, 1983.

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